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2.2.8 The Civil dialogue on the progress report 2012

The Comprehensive Dialogue on Sustainability was launched in autumn 2010. In the first phase, from September to November 2010, the federal government presented its proposals for the thematic focus of the new progress report for discussion: "sustainable management" and "water". The government also invited people to express their views on other issues of sustainability policy.

In a second phase of dialogue from June to September 2011, the draft of the federal government could be discussed for the 2012 Progress Report. Many citizens have participated in the dialogue. Since August 2010, the site was visited by over 72,000 users. About 386,000 individual page views were recorded (page impressions). The participants gave a total of over 1,600 submissions and comments in both phases. In addition, there were a total of 2,100 positive or negative reviews.

About 95 percent of the contributions were received online. Above all institutions chose the path of postal mailings of their comments. In a dialogue session at the Federal Chancellery in September 2011, associations and organizations were also able to express on the progress report. In October 2011, they took position on the draft of the new center of gravity chapter "Climate and Energy". In all partly also clearly expressedcriticism in detail, many comments were nevertheless supportive or called for a further strengthening of the idea of sustainability in and through the strategy.