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 2.2.1 The perspective

 In 1992, the United Nations stood up for the model of sustainable development. In Rio de Janeiro, they adopted a global action program. With the "Agenda 21", each of the 170 signatory countries agreed to implement the model nationally in all policy areas with the participation of society and economy. Also Germany has signed.

Therefore, in 2002 the Federal Government introduced the strategy "Perspectives for Germany". A 2010 decreed measure program of the Federal Government designates the measures that will help the sustainability goals to be achieved. The strategy and the individual measures are continuously improved. To this end, the Federal Government publishes regularly (every four years) progress reports. Every two years, inform indicators report in detail about how the core areas of sustainable policies have evolved.

The strategy is applied in content comprehensively and not exhaustive. It is the basis for political reforms as well as changes in behavior of businesses and consumers. Far beyond the environmental challenge the concept is also used as a guide to action for a comprehensive sustainable policy. It involves overall responsibility for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development for all generations.