Research and Development Center “Biointech” Ltd., Bulgaria (R&D "Biointech") is founded in accordance with European strategic goal to increase the role of R&D in introducing new knowledge into education and technological innovations. It promotes research and development in the area of consumer and environmental friendly technologies, information and communication technologies by bringing together experts in that field from Bulgarian and European Universities, research organizations, industry and decision policy making institutions. R&D “Biointech” possesses expertise in the field of production, application and economic planning in the field of Green Biotechnology and especially Green Energy and Bioeconomics. The team of R&D “Biointech” involves experienced educators and trainers. The participants are members from all levels of education. They are experienced educators in textbook writing, quality assurance issues, curriculum development, new training techniques as well as provision of trainings in VET with adults and youth. Training is one of the main lines of the Center, aimed at both active adults and unemployed, in order to allow them to adapt to a constantly changing work environment within a society and a market increasingly competitive. R&D “Biointech” is targeting in adaptation of adults and young people to the transformations of educational, technological and physical environment through improvement of their communicational and social skills, exchange of experience and knowhow of good practices at national and international level. It also offers own staff expertise and competence in governing as contractor/coordinator/expert of multinational projects under different EU initiatives – TEMPUS, INCO-Copernicus, 5FP, NATO, Socrates/Erasmus, LdV I and LdV II programmes, LLP, ERASMUS+. (