Welcome to ECO-Center custom e-learning!

We offer you possibilities to upgrade/update your knowledge and competence in Clean Environment area using our e-learning programme. It is scaled to your needs and submitted to you as a mix of flexible options in hosting, technology, and learning levels. It is designed to align with your needs, requirements and prior competence.

If you are a teacher/trainer or other learning facilitator in adult education; is you career officers, counselor, inspector, head teacher/principal or are engaged in adult education management and administration, just follow the simple 4-step procedure to gain new specific competences/green abilities, and new prospects for job promotion and career development.

STEP 1:          

Which is the target group you belong to?

Teachers/trainers in adult education ISCO 2320
Adult learning providers ISCO 2320
Career officers, counselors, inspectors ISCO 2423; ISCO 2424
Head teachers/principals ISCO 1345; ISCO 2351
Management staff in adult training ISCO 1345; ISCO 2421
Non-teaching administrative staff  ISCO 2424; ISCO 2351